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Welcome to our unique Nursery School, a respected school within the heart of the Bushbury Community. We were founded in 1835 and continue to offer education for children under 5 - this includes 15 and 30 hour places, we have a Terrific for Two's provision and a resource base for children with additional needs.  

Starting school is an important time for both children and parents/carers.  At Bushbury Nursery School we encourage parental involvement and offer many opportunities for parents to become involved in their children’s education. 

Bushbury Nursery School offers children the opportunity to start their educational journey in a stimulating, safe and caring environment.

We are proud of our dedicated and experienced staff who believe in supporting the development of curious, active and ambitious learners.  As citizens of Bushbury Nursery School the children are respected and valued. 

Our Nursery School is closely connected with the immediate community; this includes close links with local primary schools, St Mary’s Church, Northycote Farm, the allotments and Broadway Gardens Nursing Home - where the children go to sing songs and rhymes for the residents, our  local library and shops are used for visits and learning about the immediate environment.

Here at Bushbury Nursery, we are striving to nurture Scientists,  Technicians , Engineers, Artists and Mathematicians for the future  by offering a holistic STEAM curriculum 

Here at Bushbury Nursery, STEAM  learning happens naturally everyday as children explore play and try new things. When young children have the opportunity to investigate the world around them they learn and experiment with new skills and theories.


Nursery age is an ideal time to introduce STEAM based learning because research confirms that at this age the brain is particularly receptive to learning maths and logic.  

At Bushbury Nursery School we believe our children are tomorrow’s workforce and people who are fluent in STEAM will be more prepared and qualified to fill jobs that drive our economy.  

Children are natural Scientists, they find out how the world works by observing, forming questions, making predictions, and carrying out simple experiments. Children learn from one another. We encourage our children to collaborate and develop their thinking and ideas together. Technology involves simple tools such as pulleys, wheels, levers, scissors and ramps. Simple technologies help children understand how tools enable us to accomplish tasks; such as how adding wheels below a large object makes it easier to move or how raising a ramp makes a car roll faster. Engineering applies science, maths, and technology to solve problems.  When children construct using blocks or rail tracks, they act as engineers. A creative mind-set is critical for STEAM subjects. Early experiences with the Arts supports cognitive development and increases self-esteem. 


Here at Bushbury Nursery School we offer high quality integrated education and support the varying needs of the children, their families and the local community through a holistic approach, in an environment that is safe, stimulating and happy.  We welcome each child and adult, regardless of their life experiences, into an environment that values, respects and supports them. 

From our youngest to our oldest children, STEAM is about nurturing children to think about how we explore the world, not which facts we know. 

We adopt a co-collaborative approach, where we are not the experts with all the answers, but explorers that find out together.

Two year olds are curious about the world that surrounds them, by harnessing this curiosity we are able to foster powerful learners.  Guiding children to explore their many questions, talking to them and engaging them in conversation, skilfully knowing when to intervene and when to stand back allows children time to experiment, explore and process their thinking.  We are creating the innovators and problem solvers for the future.

The children in our care are the first resource for the future, and this underpins all aspects of our work.


Nature provides one of the best environments for spontaneous exploration, play and learning. At Bushbury Nursery School we aim to give every child the opportunity to engage in ‘Forest School’ led by a fully qualified ‘Forest School Leader’. 

Here, children experience immersive physical environments that stimulate and encourage experimentation. Diverse, open-ended materials allow for creativity and investigation. Interesting materials encourage children to explore, experiment and allow them to be in charge of their own play and learning.

At Bushbury Nursery, the children naturally engage in STEAM skills, such as making observations, asking questions, exploring, problem-solving and making sense of how the world works.


Executive Function: when children are motivated, persistent and direct their own exploration, focusing their attention, motivation, decision making, planning their behaviour and problem solving, they form a set of skills known as executive function.



At Bushbury Nursery School we always strive for excellence in everything we do, we embrace best practice and respect and celebrate the remarkable in every unique child, all children are valued equally, treated with respect and provided with real learning opportunities. A fully inclusive learning environment, embracing diversity, supporting access to the curriculum and full participation in learning, enables children to demonstrate their strengths and knowledge. 

Our enhanced places for children with Special Educational Needs, including those with physical and medical needs, have a bespoke curriculum. We work closely with our families and professionals, this ensures all children reach their full potential.



There are 30 hour places for 3 and 4 year olds whose families are eligible for the Extended Free Early Years Education.  To ensure the 30 hour children get the most from their time at Bushbury Nursery School we have adapted the curriculum to give them the opportunity to maximise their learning.  Our 30 hour children are provided with an environment rich in adventurous experiences that supports the development of courage and resilience, preparing them to excel in life. 

Bushbury Nursery School, Bushbury Lane, Bushbury,
WV10 8JP

Telephone: 01902 558118 Email: bushburynurseryschool@wolverhampton.gov.uk Website: www.bushburynursery.co.uk